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I'll help you pay the least amount of taxes (legally) using the Tax Code while easing your pains, fears, and worries about Uncle Sam knocking on your door ready to wreck havoc on your life and finances Get Started Now!
Look, I get it.
You have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with tax season.
🔈 You don’t get those high 4 and low 5 figure refunds you read about on social media.
🔈 You’re figuring out how to not owe anything. And with this new tax plan… *face palm* you just want to be on the right side of the government without having to take out a loan or second mortgage on your home.
🔈 You feel like you’re penalized for being hard-working but not rich enough to take advantage of the loopholes that the rich do.
The buck stops here.
With The Tax Department brought to you by Simplified Accounting, you can be assured I’ll leave no stone unturned to ensure you pay the least amount of taxes legally, ethically, and morally possible.
Basically, I scour the Tax Code to keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket so you can take care of things that matter most to you… like family, home, vacations, etc.

Knowledge is potential power. The application of knowledge is true power.

Accountants and tax preparers are a dime a dozen. Every person… every person…. will have an opinion whether grounded in truth or not. My PSA is vet your sources and be careful who you take advice from. As for me…

Hey, I’m Senica Evans and I’m a Tax Accountant.
I am a nerdy, non-TV watching, orderly person, who loves to inspire, motivate, and solve people’s problems (taxes, that is) with a splash of snark. I’m a degreed accountant, former Government Tax Auditor, and former Criminal Investigator for Tax Crimes. I’ve always had a knack for taking long walks in the park numbers, law, and organization (you need to be organized to keep up with taxes)
You get the benefit of working with a professional (me) who helps you
…make sense of the Tax Code
…keep more cash in your pocket or pocketbook
…makes the entire process easy-peasy lemon squeezy
Now you know the foundation of The Tax Department, here’s a thing or 5 about me…
  1. I am mother to 4 boys – the musician age 12, the athlete age 10, the little brother age 4, and the baby age 1
  2. I love personality tests
    • I am an INFJ/INTJ depending on the day, according to MBTI
    • Cancer/Leo cusp
    • 4/6 Generator in Human Design
    • 3 in Numerology
    • 8-7-2-3 in Kolbe
    • Order, Love and Creation (or Wisdom depending on the day) in Shift Gifts
    • Basically… I’m a natural planner, organizer, love to help and heal, and bring ideas to reality
  3. I’ve been married and divorced then wrote a book about it. Talk about therapeutic.
  4. I’m a serial entrepreneur which has afforded me the opportunity to meet a variety of people, travel, speak, and even mentor other business owners.
  5. I secretly wish I could sing and travel the world serenading crowds with my beautiful vocals. In reality, cover your ears if you happen to catch me singing alone. Welp, guess it wasn’t in the cards.

How I Help

You’ve nodded along and even laughed a time or two (with me not at me, right? Ok) and now you want to know how the heck can I help you keep more dinero in your pocket. Without further ado, here’s how I can help you…

Tax Return Preparation – Individuals

If you are an individual who has worked a job at any point in the last year and has made at least $9,325 you… my friend… are required to file a return and I can help you with that. Kids… no problem. Need to itemize… no problem. College expenses… no problem.
Returns start at $150 and go up depending on the complexity of the return.

Tax Services – Businesses

Return Preparation.

I can prepare your business tax return with no problem. I focus on the solo and very small businesses. If your business is making less than $2,000,000 annually, I *am* your girl.  If you have a bookkeeper and are looking to segregate duties (a good fraud prevention tactic by the way) by outsourcing the tax prep to another professional, I am your professional.

Prices start @ $250 for sole proprietors and single-member LLCs and $400 for all others. Prices go up depending on the complexity of the return.


If your business is still in the growing phase and you aren’t quite ready to hire a bookkeeper or staff accountant but still need to get your books tax ready, this is the program for you! It combines your bookkeeping for one year with the return prep rolled into one super simple service.

Prices start at $750 and increase depending on complexity. 

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out the contact form by clicking the button below