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When you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Allow me to introduce you to Jane Smith (identity has been changed to protect privacy. #privacymatters) Jane Smith is an entrepreneur and a successful one I might add. She’s been busy and I mean busy. After all she is a successful business owner overseeing the standard myriad of tasks associated with running a business.


When it comes to her financials, she’s been flying by the seat of her pants trusting the knowledge of her financial team — a bookkeeper and accountant for tax time. She *thought* she was doing everything right. She was receiving monthly reports from the bookkeeper. She was sending in the “standard” 30% of her income to the IRS every quarter. She wasn’t commingling personal and business funds.


Another tax season rolled around and she was expecting to break-even.


The accountant finished preparing her tax return and she was blind-sided with a $5,000 tax bill. FIVE. THOUSAND. DOLLARS! It wouldn’t have been a big deal *if* she was expecting it. But she wasn’t. The accountant offered their solace and things she could have possibly done to minimize the tax bill. Little good that information did after the fact. Jane decided right then and there this would not happen to her again. There had to be a better way to plan for the next tax season!




If you’ve been nodding your head then you understand exactly what Jane’s going through. You probably even ask yourself the same question… How can you properly prepare for tax season ahead of time so you aren’t staring at massive tax bill? 


The answer is with planning.

:: You don’t have to be a multi-six or seven figure business owner…

:: You don’t have to have a massive team…

:: You don’t have to have a financial team that costs more than 50% of the money you bring in…

All you have to have…

  • … is the desire to stop paying so much in taxes
  • … is tired of being fed up with the status quo
  • … is a desire to move away from the old way of doing things with a financial historian.

If you’re ready to stop paying more than your fair share of taxes and take a stand… then the Innovative Tax Planning service is for you.

Hey! I’m Senica Evans

Tax Accountant + Business Performance Consultant

I’m on a mission to help business owners live their best lives by reclaiming their time, money, and energy back from their businesses!

Using strategic “money taming” practices, you can be financially free to live out your dream while I make sure you keep more of your money, increase your profits, and can flaunt your fabulousness.

Who the heck am I?

I’m a former Criminal Investigator for Tax Crimes, former Tax Auditor, and accountant. Taxes are kinda my jam and so is deciphering business’ numbers to help you, the owner, make better data-driven decisions.

Oh yeah… systems are my thing too. I love all things systems, processes, and workflows. If you listened to my kids you’d say I have OCD but I call it being organized, structured, and efficient. Did I say efficient?!

Here are a few other fun facts:

MBTI: INFJ – The Advocate

Kolbe: 8-6-2-3

Astrology: Cancer/Leo Cusp

Shift Gifts: Love, Order, and Creation – The Teacher

Superpower: Breaking the complex into super simple easy to understand information. Teaching

With an Innovative Tax Plan, you’ll receive a personalized tax plan that considers all possible tax strategies and provides information and recommendations that benefit you, your business, and your cash flow. Who doesn’t love increased cash flow! An Innovative Tax Plan explores specific strategies such as:

  • Deferred income
  • Expense acceleration
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Entity structure analysis
  • Income shifting
  • Defined contribution plans
  • And other strategies for personal and/or business taxes

Tax plans are based on current entity structure.


Individual Tax Plan

  • This plan is for:

  • Individuals with W2 income
  • Individuals with 1099 income
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Single member LLC taxed as Sole Proprietor business owners
  • Rental activity income
  • Individuals looking to reduce their tax burden
  • Individuals expecting or have received a large distribution
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Corporate Tax Plan

  • This plan is for:

  • C-Corp business owner
  • Business owners who need to see the tax impact of various business scenarios
  • Business owners who want to know and implement tax strategies to reduce the tax burden
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2. Getting Started Call – we’ll discuss your business in great detail. No worries, I’ll send you a call prep list so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare.


3. I’ll get to work on creating your personalized plan using the tax code to your advantage. We’ll have another call to discuss the suggested strategies and how to implement them.


*If you want me to take the implementation off your plate, that’s fine but it’s an additional cost

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When you fail to plan, you plan to fail!