Don't DIY Taxes + Accounting Alone

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You understand the benefit of partnering with a CPA, EA, or professional tax preparer. It’s not that you don’t want too… it’s the cost. You can’t rectify it in your mind when there are many other affordable solutions available to you. After all, your situation is pretty simple and straightforward and with good ol’ Google at your disposal, you can research the questions you have.

Then it happens…

** You receive a form you’ve never received before…
**There’s a question in your tax prep software, you’re not quite sure how to answer…
**You want to start a business (the right way) but are unsure of where and how to get started so that you’re in compliance…

Here are your options

  1. Reach out to friends and family asking for recommendations
  2. Consult Google and comb through the search results looking for an article that closely matches your situation
  3. Search the internet for a professional in your area and schedule a consultation (most likely paid or very short)

When you’re done… hope for the best. A lot of times it does work out but it’s those times when it doesn’t that cause you to think twice the next time you have to consider your options.

I’d like to offer you another alternative…

The Accountant On Call

With the simplification of taxes via the new tax plan (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) and a plethora of DIY software, you, your friends, and family don’t have to DIY your taxes and accounting alone.

Your tax and financial situation is as unique as you are therefore cookie cutter information and explanations won’t help you make the best decision for *your* situation. You can either take the time to learn and apply the tax code for you *or* you can work with a professional in a DIY hybrid service offering you the depth of a professional but with the ease of DIY. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Accountant On Call membership provides you

  • Weekly live Q+A sessions (don’t worry you can submit questions ahead of time to remain anonymous) where all your questions get answered
  • Monthly emails highlighting upcoming deadlines related to taxes and where you should focus your bookkeeping efforts
  • Access to my Tax and Accounting Resource Center¬†of worksheets, workbooks, programs, video trainings, etc
  • Monthly group co-working session (handle your tax and accounting while I’m live on video to answer your questions as you go)
  • Network with other peers and professionals via our private group
  • Quarterly 1:1 consultation
  • Software support (QBO, Wave, Freshbooks, Xero, etc)
  • Discount on services
  • Bookkeeping gamified — chance to win monthly prizes by earning points for completing your bookkeeping tasks

Now, you don’t have to DIY your taxes and accounting alone. You get the benefit of having a professional on your side without the high consultation and retainer costs.

No more guessing…
No more combing through search results…
No more faceless support from big companies…

Who’s the Accountant On Call

But first… accountants and tax preparers are a dime a dozen. Every person… every person…. will have an opinion whether grounded in truth or not. My PSA is vet your sources and be careful who you take advice from. As for me…

Hey, I’m Senica Evans and I’m a Tax Accountant.


I am a nerdy, non-TV watching, orderly person, who loves to inspire, motivate, and solve people’s problems (taxes, that is) with a splash of snark.


I’m a degreed accountant, former Government Tax Auditor, and former Criminal Investigator for Tax Crimes. I’ve always had a knack for taking long walks in the park numbers, law, and organization (you need to be organized to keep up with taxes)


You get the benefit of working with a professional (me) who helps you


…make sense of the Tax Code
…keep more cash in your pocket or pocketbook
…makes the entire process easy-peasy lemon squeezy

Enrollment Is Now Open

Enrollment to the Accountant on Call membership is now open.

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*Cancel your membership at any time! No contracts. Membership does not mean you have retained Senica Evans or Simplified Accounting for services. This community provides support for the DIY’er only. If you need personalized services, a separate agreement will be drawn up for that service.

Due to the nature of the content, you will have email and direct message access to me to ask your questions. The primary communication method is via a group format hosted in either Facebook private group or a Slack group.*