Taxes too crazy, complex and confusing?

You're not alone! This is the greatest tax overhaul in 31 years and you need to be prepared. Help Me!

The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.

~ Albert Einstein

Listen friend…


Your accountant (or tax pro whichever name you like) is great! During tax season, she (or he) gets you in and out with a properly prepared tax return and is very helpful explaining what happened. Happened as in… in the past.


Let’s face the cold hard truth. Most accountants and tax pros are financial historians. They’re stuck in the past and are ready to help you comply with Federal and State laws but (and this is a big but) you still have this uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’re missing out on valuable information that could save you money.


Could you do more?
Are you taking all available to you deductions?
Are you really paying the least amount in taxes legally, ethically, and morally possible?


Your business is growing! Which is a great thing… but it’s terrifying.


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 had a whole boatload of tax changes. How does that affect you?

Wayfair vs South Dakota Supreme Court ruling. How does that affect your business?

What about payroll?

Reasonable compensation?


Should I elect to treat my LLC as an S-Corp?




No wonder you’re stressed. Your heart is probably palpitating as you read this. Take a deep breath…

In… 1 – 2 – 3

Out… 1 – 2 – 3



These fears, worries, and stresses plague you throughout the year but you’re not really sure what to do. You go see your financial historian accountant during tax season but whatever they say it’s already to late. There’s a huge tax bill staring back at you.

Hey! I’m Senica Evans

Tax Accountant + Business Performance Consultant

I’m on a mission to help business owners live their best lives by reclaiming their time, money, and energy back from their businesses!

Using strategic “money taming” practices, you can be financially free to live out your dream while I make sure you keep more of your money, increase your profits, and can flaunt your fabulousness.

Who the heck am I?

I’m a former Criminal Investigator for Tax Crimes, former Tax Auditor, and accountant. Taxes are kinda my jam and so is deciphering business’ numbers to help you, the owner, make better data-driven decisions.

Oh yeah… systems are my thing too. I love all things systems, processes, and workflows. If you listened to my kids you’d say I have OCD but I call it being organized, structured, and efficient. Did I say efficient?!

Here are a few other fun facts:

MBTI: INFJ – The Advocate

Kolbe: 8-6-2-3

Astrology: Cancer/Leo Cusp

Shift Gifts: Love, Order, and Creation – The Teacher

Superpower: Breaking the complex into super simple easy to understand information. Teaching

Tame Your Taxes, my signature program, puts all your fears, worries, and stresses to bed.


I switched sides to help business owners, like you, end the confusion, overwhelm, and embarrassment in not really knowing and understanding how taxes apply to you and your business.

Tame My Taxes takes you on a journey through taxes that will help you gain knowledge, get organized, and be prepared for the coming tax season — even if you hand it off to a Tax Accountant. This tax season happens to be the greatest tax overhaul in 31 years. The days of worrying, being embarrassed, and afraid are gone.


We’ll cover taxes related to your business which can include sales and local tax, income tax, payroll tax, and estimated tax.


🙌  4 – 1:1 60-minute sessions OR a one-day intensive


🙌  Entity Structure Analysis


🙌  Applicable deductions for your specific business and how to comply and claim them


🙌  Innovative Tax Plan for pass-through business


🙌  3 months of Accountant On Call.  Complimentary support and accountability sessions while you implement the strategies



$1,500 one-time

$550 – 3 monthly payments

Next Steps

1. Payment – Select the payment type that best suits your situation

2. Getting Started Call – we’ll discuss your business in great detail. No worries, I’ll send you a call prep list so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. NOTE — this is not included as part of your sessions.

3. Delivery – We’ll work through information related to your specific situation and business using the tax code to your advantage. At the end, you’ll be one knowledgeable business owner that can properly vet any tax pro.

 What Others Are Saying

 Frequently (and Should) Asked Questions


Why should you listen to me?

Welp… I’ve been doing this for a while and have the heart of a teacher. I’m truly on a mission to help business owners pay the least amount of taxes (legally, ethically, and morally of course) and I guess it helps that I am a former criminal investigator and former tax auditor. This really is my thing. I’m also a licensed Enrolled Agent by the Department of Treasury which means I’m bound by ethics and regulations otherwise my license is on the line.

Are you doing my taxes or teaching me how to do my taxes?

Neither. Since the IRS says, you, the taxpayer, are ultimately responsible for what’s included on your return even if you hire a tax pro to prepare it for you, you need to be knowledgeable enough to catch mistakes and errors. Blindly trusting, following, or believing a tax pro could land you in hot water and you’ll be stuck with the financial burden from it. Who wants to deal with that? I created this program to give *you* comfort and peace of mind when dealing with your taxes even if you outsource it.

I'm on the fence. Can we talk?

Sure can! You can schedule a call with me via or call me at 708.320.0991 or email me directly at  I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”

~ Albert Einstein